Starting September 9th, the Quartiers Danses festival will be putting on daily exhibitions, film screenings, and live performances around the Quartier des spectacles. The festival will open and close with a focus on Spain, featuring performances from Kukai Dantza, a dance company from the Basque Country.

The performances selected by the festival are boldly creative, melding the contemporary with the classic. Just a short selection: choreographer Maxime Thomas’s Deux à deux takes the idea behind its Italian concerto—using both left and right hands equally—and reimagines it for the male and female dancer putting on the show, creating a dance where neither role is strictly masculine or feminine. Daniel Abrieu’s Animals uses a mix of dance and action to portray the primal instincts of humans. Three up-and-coming young Montreal choreographers, Alexandre Carlos, Morgane Le Tiec, and Andrea Peña, will put on short works blending ballet and modern dance.

Courtesy of  Animals

Courtesy of Animals

Other than shows, Quartiers Danses also offers photo exhibitions and round tables discussions. On September 20th, the festival will organise a flash mob show at the Olympic Stadium. Created to celebrate disability in dance, the show is open to all and will include a picnic on location.

Starting out as Transatlantique Montreal, the organisation rebranded itself in 2009 as Quartiers Danses. It has put on 12 events since 2000. The mission statement from their website promises to offer “a diverse program of works from national and international artists in a variety of venues, traditional or unusual, and with a multidisciplinary approach.”

Ticket prices vary, but range from $20 to $25 usually for indoor shows. Most shows have a discount for audience members under the age of 30. Not much more expensive than an IMAX movie, and a unique choice for an evening out.

For more information, visit the Quartiers Danses website here. Share your photos of the festival by tweeting us @TheMain!