A new mural by Seth Globepainter has popped up on the streets of Montreal this week. The piece was created in collaboration with MU Montreal, an organization whose aim is to beautify the city by creating murals that are “anchored in local communities”. The mural sits in the multicultural Quartier Villeray on the corner of Rue Villeray and Chabot. Typical of Seth’s style, the children in the piece are faceless, yet their bodies and that which surrounds them are full of life. Seth’s newest piece in Montreal uses the brick wall upon which it was painted to convey the fundamental similarities between the clashing children.


Julien Malland began painting murals under the pseudonym “Seth Globetrotter” in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. In 2003 he traveled the world to broaden his perspective and exchange cultural knowledge with different street artists. His murals are usually identifiable by his characteristic faceless children and the simple style. They often encourage the celebration of culture as a reaction to the globalization he witnessed during his travels.

This new mural in Villeray does exactly that. By revealing the wall underneath, it makes passersby consider the shared space of the two children, yet also draws attention to their superficial differences. In such a diverse city as Montreal, Seth Globetrotter’s mural is a welcome addition and opportunity to reflect on culture and identity.

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