Go Explore Hudson: A Charming Country Getaway, Just off the Island of Montreal

Hudson_mikko2If you’re looking for one last short but sweet escape before the summer runs dry, there’s a place on the edge of the world that’s waiting to be discovered. Okay, it’s not that far, but this lovely town, sitting 60 kilometres west of Montreal, is a little oasis hugging the Ottawa River, and it’s certainly worth a day trip. Hudson, a small country village that dates back to the early 18th Century, is actually only a 40-minute drive from the city. Although the idea of stepping off the island into unchartered territory may leave you weary, it’s okay, take the leap — you’ll be glad you did.


Frase: Adding Old School Tunes and a Soulful Touch to Montreal’s EDM Scene

Meet FRASE: a singer, musician, and producer from Montreal, who you may know from his live band project FM Hi LOW. The multi-instrumentalist effortlessly blends together big-sounding modern EDM technologies with crazy guitar licks, and amazing vocals to add a unique sensual and soulful touch; it’s no wonder he cites Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Disclosure as influences. We got to know the prodigal producer and found out a bit about his beginnings, his love for Montreal, and his soon-to-be released EP.


9 Awesome Montreal Artisans You Should be Following on Instagram

the make coMontreal is full of creative individuals who value quality over quantity, and are always looking for original products. Thankfully, this city has no short supply of craftspeople who hand-make everything from handbags to cutting boards. Not only do these Montreal artisans create beautiful products, they also have beautiful Instagram accounts!

To help add some inspiration to your feed, The Main set out to find some of the best Montreal artisans’ Instagram accounts.


DynamicLabs: the Ultimate Series of Master Classes is Coming to Montreal

DynamicLabsYou may not be heading back to school this fall, but that shouldn’t keep you from continuing to pursue invaluable learning experiences. It seems that many Montrealers agree and, thanks to the minds behind Dynamic/MTL and the creative space at La Gare, you can now enroll in the kind of workshops you always wished you’d been able to take.


Ought: How Quebec Politics Helped Shape this Critically-Acclaimed Montreal-Based Band

Photo credit: Victoria Davis

Photo credit: Victoria Davis

It’s said that Montreal-based band, Ought–composed of New Hampshire native Tim Darcy (guitarist and vocalist), New Jersey keyboard player Matt May, Aussie Tim Keen (drums, violin) and Portland, Oregon native Ben Stidworthy(bass)–were brought together from all parts of the world “by sense-sharpening Canadian winters and university tuition that doesn’t cost $40k a year.” Having been lured by Montreal’s thriving independent music scene, the quartet were in for a big surprise, as they were quickly and simultaneously immersed, not only in the local DIY scene, but in Quebec’s tumultuous politics.

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