This Sunday, September 27, 2015, will be the United Nations World Tourism Day. A day to celebrate the countries you’ve been to, the ones you want to go to, and the one you’re in right now. Using Instagram, Australian travel site helloworld plans to help people around the globe do just that.

As the sun rises on Sunday, Instagrammers from around the world will spend 24 hours sharing images from their own location. The “relay” begins at Samoa (the most western part of the Earth) and will pass around the globe until it finishes at sunset in the Cook Islands (the most eastern). To get involved, join Montreal’s Insta-meet by sharing images and tagging them #helloworldrelayYou’re also encouraged to join others undertaking the project in person, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow local Instagram enthusiasts.

To show-off Canada’s best (and most delicious) city, head to Square St.Louis at 11 AM on Sunday.

  1. Show up to Square St.Louis at 11 AM for the meet-up and group photo.
  2. From 11 to 12 PM, explore the Plateau with the group (and watch out for your chance to be on one of 25 global interactive screens) or venture to your favourite neighbourhood to take your photos.
  3. The event will end with a final meeting at Jeanne-Mance Park (the corner of Parc and Mont-Royal) at 12 AM.
  4. Upload your photos and your locations.
  5. Tag it as #helloworldRELAY
  6. Relax and enjoy perusing the gorgeous pictures from Instagrammers around the world!

Take pride in the beauty of your city and have some fun while sharing it with the rest of the world. Montreal’s a gorgeous place, and all it needs is for you to represent it!

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The #helloworldRELAY will take place on Sept. 27th, beginning at 11 am at Square St. Louis. For more information, check out their event page.