Everyone’s favorite apartment is getting a new address. Amlyne Phillips, the interior designer behind La Chambre Design Co, who’s rap sheet includes the beautiful interiors of le Gros Luxe, SUWU and Apartment 200, announced on Instagram that she’s set to work on Apartment 200’s newest location- 1034 Queen Street West. You heard that right; Montreal’s favorite club is set to take over the big T.O.

My excitement this morning is very hard to contain!!!! @apt200to #torontobar #interiordesign #torontolife

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For those of you who have managed to sweet-talk the bouncers outside the front door, or arrive before 9 pm, you’ll know what a gem this place is. Apartment 200 beautifully blurs the lines between your own kitchen and the bar. Designed to look like a true apartment, you can sip your cocktails in the comfort of a bed, or enjoy them at the living room table. Yet Apartment 200 isn’t decorated like your typical “Free and For Sale” furnished home- it features what Phillips describes as “rustic, recycled materials and modern, high-end furnishings.” Which probably explains their ability to draw a bigger, cooler crowd than our student ghetto house parties.


There seems to be no stopping the success of Zach Macklovitch and Nathan Ganage’s ventures. After two years of success with Apartment 200 and the recent opening of Ecole Privee on Milton a few blocks down, it comes as no surprise that the men behind these clubs (as well as Saint Woods and Suwu) are primed to run through the 6 with their woes. This is no set date on the opening as of yet, but at the rate at which these guys are opening up their newest ventures, we’d say you should be ready to lounge in Apartment 200’s newest location