Whether it’s gelato or bubble tea, Montreal is full of stores and spots imported from other countries. But how often do you see an iconic aspect of Montreal culture abroad? Well now you can get that experience from this new Copenhagen store: Depanneur.

One of the founders, Vitali Poluzhnikov (part of the creative collective The Barkas) claims he got the idea when living in Montreal.  According to the official press: “Yes, it’s a convenience store, but it’s also so much more. Your local dépanneur is one of the small elements that makes you feel that you belong in your neighbourhood. To be frank — we think that feeling is priceless and necessary.”

He’s not wrong. My local dépanneur is indeed one of the elements that make me feel at home in my neighbourhood. It’s also one of the elements that provides me with Tostito chips and emergency toilet paper at 10:29 p.m. In short, a service that I have never given a second thought to. You’d think that for as long as there are people living in urban housing, there has been someone nearby ready to sell them cold sodas and scratch-off lottery tickets and slightly suspicious beef jerky. I’m sure Europeans have not been deprived of their basic human right to buy two-for-one discount chocolate bars and beer at the same time until now, but at least now they can do it Montreal-style.

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Depanneur looks nicer than the nicest Montreal dep you’ve ever been to, plus customers get a place to eat what they buy immediately. It looks like a great place to hang out, but on the spectrum of Montreal-institutions-where-you-purchase-things, it tends more towards cafe than dépanneur. Still, if this is what chic Danes think Montreal is like everywhere, I’m for it.

Check out more pictures below:

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Photos by Cory Benford-Brown