Those with a passion for graphic design — and graffiti-inspired art in particular — can check out the works of Pierrick Dufrenoy, whose latest exhibit ‘STREET JUSTICE’ will be on display at the gallery space on 1181 Rue Ste-Catherine O. This exhibit will be the culmination of two years of careful labour, during which Dufrenoy created new and intimate pieces drawn from scenes lifted out of graffiti culture and provocative creativity.

Dufrenoy, a French graphic designer, illustrator and graffiti artist, spent time working creatively with a group of Parisian ‘vandal-graffiti’-specialists and visual artists. He will be presenting his work alongside DJ Louie P and The Holy.

“We are happy to announce our next exhibition at [the 1181 gallery],” Off The Hook’s website recently announced ahead of the event. “Pierrick started graffiti at the age of thirteen…[as an] art school graduate in Graphic Design and Illustration, his [works] suit his stylistic inspirations.”

The project’s long history, prior to its unveiling, was also elaborated upon. Off The Hook’s web release explained that prior to the exhibition’s eventually planned opening, Dufrenoy formed a team in France with some of his most loyal and committed friends, whereupon they explored artistic expressions of ‘vandalism’ in subways and train tunnels in a search for a “strong and provocative message.”

The exhibition will be the culmination of what Pierrick strived to affirm in the “innovative and very personal approach to his illustrations,” including using riot scenes and recreating sentiments which the “misunderstood” and “marginalized” art-form of graffiti invokes.

STREET JUSTICE will be on display on Thursday, September 10, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST. The event will include drinks and locally brewed beer provided by Broken 7.

Photo credits to Off The Hook’s blog.