When you’re hungry and looking forward to a meal at your favourite restaurant, nothing is worse than finding out the wait time is over thirty minutes. Now you have to either wait it out or try to find a different place to eat – and who knows if there will be a line there too. L’Gros Luxe understands the pain of discovering there’s a long wait at your favourite restaurant, so they’ve created an app to put a stop to those pesky long lineups.

L’Gros Luxe is a restaurant chain with five locations in the province, including in the Plateau, Mile End, Vieux-Longueil, Sud-Ouest, and Quebec City. They are known for their distinctive, yet inviting atmosphere complete with eye-catching décor such as vintage chandeliers and mirrors alongside authentic portraits and their ever-changing, affordable menu. L’Gros Luxe is easily one of the most highly recommended chains in Montreal and that means that the locations are usually swamped with business.


Courtesy of L’Gros Luxe.

That said, the L’Gros Luxe mobile app is set to put an end to lineups at all of their Montreal locations. The app will allow you to see if a table is available at any of the restaurant’s locations, so you can plan your dining-out experience without worrying about a long wait time.

For fans of L’Gros Luxe’s delicious yet affordable menu, a long waiting time isn’t the end of the world; they’re always accommodating and even offer to call you when a table’s opened up if you want to wait elsewhere. But this app is just another addition to the restaurant that really shows their dedication to customer service, and making sure you get the very best out of your experience. It’s also quite a timely release, as they’ve just opened their third Montreal location in Little Burgundy earlier this year.

For more information, check out L’Gros Luxe’s website.