​Lufa Farms, with their awesome basket and marketplace programs, provides anyone who signs up with a basket of ingredients that are locally produced and at their flavour-packed prime. Sign up here to get $20 off your first order! Use code “TheMain” when signing up.


This weekend, discover Montreal’s freshest veggies and meet some of the top local farmers with Lufa Farms‘ guided tours, available for two days only. The innovative, local farming project welcomes the public to come marvel at their enormous rooftop greenhouse while trying some of their produce, with English tours available on October 3rd, and French tours on October 4th.



For those who haven’t heard of the initiative before, Lufa Farms maintains a glorious 31,000 ft rooftop farm in Montreal that’s used to supply their customers with fresh produce and locally-made products (ordered through their website and delivered to them). Their greenhouse seeks to leave the tiniest environmental footprint possible, which means conserving water by capturing rainwater and re-circulating irrigation water, using beneficial insects to control pests, and focusing on hydroponic planting over traditional methods. The produce is harvested on the same day as it is delivered to consumers within Montreal, which requires minimal packaging or transportation.

Regular subscribers receive weekly baskets of fresh produce that they pick up from selected points. If you finish the tour and decide to sign up, the first basket will be free. Still, everyone who goes will get a chance to sample other foods from Lufa Farm’s suppliers (other Quebec farms or dairies), learn how their harvesting and distribution works, and take photos of the process.


Jess commence sa journée à 5AM, she just finished harvesting over 2000 Lebanese cucumbers for today's #lufavores!

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Les prunes roses de Green Barn, Taylor Pink Plumcots from #greenbarnfarm. (One of a kind and only available for #lufavores!)

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For someone who has no green thumb (I have killed a pot of basil, one of rosemary, and a patch of mint in the last year alone) I’m fascinated by greenhouses. If you’re anything like me, you never think of how the fruits and veggies you eat are, for real, pulled out of the soil. Food comes from stores, right? But the tour is free, and it’s more than worth an hour of your time to reconnect with the production process of what you consume. Support local businesses and agriculture, and go frolic through the gorgeous Lufa Farms this weekend.

 For more information, visit Lufa Farm’s website here.