With the end of summer—which also means the end of Montreal’s iconic MURAL Fest—we thought we had seen the last of street art until the warmer months. But, the walls of Montreal just got a little more colourful this past Monday with the installation of a brand new mural at 1320 Rue du Collège.

The art piece, entitled Engloutie, was created by artist Rafael Sottolichio, who is a 1993 fine arts graduate from Cegep de Saint-Laurent. The mural is the work of a collaboration between the Borough of Saint-Laurent and MU Montreal as part of their vision of the Cultural District and Urban Walks.

MU is a charitable organization that works in the Montreal community to install artwork on the city’s blank walls. Active since 2007, they act to “create murals to see and experience art in everyday life, to trigger social transformation and to bequeath in Montreal, an open air museum.” This will be the organization’s second mural to be created in the Saint-Laurent area, the first one having been the OMEN created in 2014 on the edge of Parc Beaudet.

Photo credits: Olivier Bousquet

Photo credits: Olivier Bousquet

The mural—as well as the many others than have gone up around our city through the years—is meant to demonstrate the vibrant arts and culture in Montreal, as well as brighten the lives of the general public. Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent, revelled over the new mural, saying “this mural is a central and enduring work which will certainly enrich the daily lives of citizens.”

Chantal Rossi, associate councilor for culture, Heritage and Design Committee Executive of the City of Montreal, also emphasized the significance of the new piece. She said, “It is imperative for our Administration to favour the access to culture, the development of artists and creators, and improving the living environment of Montrealers and it will offer them a constant look. Congratulations to Rafael Sottolichio and MU, whose work gave the great result that we have before us today.”

The new mural is sure to brighten the travels of everyone who walks by it. Montreal is a city with a distinctive, exciting culture and this mural only adds to the incredible arts and culture scene we have at our fingertips. Make sure to stop by the new mural next time your near to enjoy the beauty that is filling up Montreal’s walls.

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