It seems like right up until September 30th it’s “sweater weather,” and then October hits and you’re reminded of the freezing, miserable 5 months ahead. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to escape the cold, and a visit to one of your local art galleries or museums might be your best bet. That said, here at The Main, we’ve chosen our top art exhibitions in Montreal and events going on this October. Don’t be afraid to get out there and explore a new gallery, artist, or unique art event in the city — our October art guide’s got you covered!


1. José Enrique Montes Hernandez — Mémoires


Courtesy of Artgang Montreal

Opens October 8 @ Artgang Montreal (6524 St. Hubert Street)

Now based in Montreal, El Salvadorian artist José Enrique Montes Hernandez works in a variety of media. This month, his personal photographs will be on display, featuring snapshots from his travels, chance encounters, and his collaborations with his friend, Quebec artist Jean LeloupArtgang Montreal is a new gallery that just opened its doors this year, so be sure to stop by this month to check out the space and this unique exhibition. More information on the photographs here.


2. After Hours at McCord — Montreal Through the Eyes of Vittorio


Courtesy of McCord Museum

October 15 @ McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke Street West)

From 5-9 pm on October 15th, the McCord Museum will be hosting an after-hours event dedicated to graphic art, design, and street art. The iconic posters and illustrations of Vittorio, an artist who influenced design in Montreal for over 50 years, will be on display and guided tours will be offered. The evening will also include workshops and performances, featuring work by Montrealers TAVA and Whatisadam. This is an evening not to be missed, purchase your tickets online in advance.


3. Rebecca Belmore Somewhere Else


Courtesy of OBORO and E. Rojas

On until October 17 @ OBORO (4001 Berri Street)

The influential Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore has been performing, sculpting, and creating video art for close to 30 years. Her works grapple with issues of identity and Indigenous resistance, and in OBORO‘s current exhibition, she creates new pieces which draw from the documentation of her past performances. Through these works, her messages continue to be present after the performance ends. More information can be found on OBORO’s website.


4. Dana Schutz Solo Show


Dana Schutz, “Getting Dressed all at Once,” 2012 Courtesy of Musee d’art contemporain

Opens October 17 @  Musée d’art contemporain (185 St. Catherine West)

Taking inspiration from Synthetic Cubism and German Expressionism, Dana Schutz creates vibrantly coloured, and often humorous, paintings. This exhibition is Schutz’s first solo show in Canada, and focuses on her most recent work, presenting scenes of strangely formed figures. Shutz is also giving an artist talk at the museum on October 15th, which is not to be missed. More information on the talk and the exhibition can be found here and here.

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