When it comes to beautifying the city, murals have proven to be incredibly effective, especially when used to decorate surfaces you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Such is the case here: MU, the beloved Montreal-based visual-arts initiative which specializes in murals, has announced the completion of one of their latest projects, and it looks awesome. Adding a splash of creativity to an otherwise unmemorable structure, it proves that there really is something to the old adage ‘a little goes a long way’.

The Marble’ is a collaborative work by MU artists Adam Sajkowski and William Patrick, and is located in the RDP-PAT neighbourhood (Riviere-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles), on the Eastern tip of the city of Montreal. The finished piece adorns three whole sides of a commentators’ box within the local baseball field at Parc Clementine-de-la-Rousseliere.

MU_PAT_2015_WilliamPatrick-AdamSajkowski_MakingOf_creditsOlivierBousquet_02_small MU_PAT_2015_WilliamPatrick-AdamSajkowski_Final_creditsOlivierBousquet_04_small1RDP-PAT’s mayor, Chantal Rouleau, joined in the unveiling of the finished product along with municipal councillors who came out to the baseball diamond for the occasion.

Artists Adam Sajkowski and William Patrick marked their second partnership together with The Marble project. Patrick’s profile (featured in MU’s website) revealed the artist’s prior projects in more detail, including his beginnings in the arts industry as a student in Nova Scotia and at Montreal’s own Concordia University.

MU_PAT_2015_WilliamPatrick-AdamSajkowski_Final_creditsOlivierBousquet_01_smallPatrick’s first partnership with Sajkowski, a renowned Montrealer and photography specialist, resulted in a contribution to the Murs a Mots (‘Word Walls’) project in 2014. Unlike Murs a Mots (which had a distinct literary theme), 2015’s Le Marbre project has a very different message and appeals to youth athletics and recreation in the local community.

“[This wall art adds] an artistic touch of play[fulness] while evoking the sporty vocation of the structure and the park in which it is built,” explained Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, MU co-founder and general artistic director.

Le Marbre is approximately the thirteenth project listed under MU’s 2015 calendar. The new mural received financial backing from the host borough RDP-PAT, as well as co-sponsor and paint-producer Benjamin Moore Company.

Photos by Olivier Bousquet, MU Montreal