From its biggest, most popular pieces to the ones that are a bit hidden away, but deserve praise all the same, Montreal’s abundance of graffiti never ceases to amaze us. With its almost ubiquitous presence in our city, sometimes its easy for us to overlook the awesome murals that colour our everyday lives. That is, until videos like these are made to remind us.

Qusim, a young local filmmaker and musician, spent a day skating around the city hunting for some of Montreal’s best murals. Edited down to just over a minute, the video provides a snapshot of Montreal’s street art, showing both huge works and hidden gems around the Plateau. Seeing all of the gorgeous murals from around the area in succession really makes you appreciate the work being done by Montreal’s street art community.

Among the huge number of renown street artists whose works appear in the video, featured big names from Montreal include Chris Dyer, MC Baldassari, Waxhead, and A’Shop.

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