If you’ve got a fear of heights, this video probably isn’t for you. But for those who want to see what things looks like from the highest point in Montreal, look no further two local urban explorers recently climbed to the very tip of Montreal’s CIBC Tower, which is taller even than the Mount Royal Cross. 

According to one of the participant’s descriptions, the CIBC Tower is the 5th highest skyscraper in Montreal, but it’s topped with an antenna (used to transmit the signal for local radio station CKOI-FM) that, at its very tip, is the highest point in the city. With 45 storeys, the building alone is 187 metres tall, and the antenna brings its height to a staggering 250 metres. In 1962, it was the tallest building in Canada and throughout the entire Commonwealth of Nations upon its completion — however, it was quickly surpassed by its neighbour, Place Ville-Marie, the following year.

One of the explorers is a Montreal native who goes by the name Pabstman; his Instagram and Flickr feeds are filled with the kind of stunning photos from great heights and abandoned buildings that anyone into urban exploring would swoon over. According to his profile on This Is My Experience, his fascination with urban exploration started at a young age while growing up in Montreal. In his own words: “I love discovering lost and forsaken places preserved in time by locked doors and security guards. I’ve made it my mission to capture these secret spots with my camera and share them before they’re gone.”

The second, who climbs to the very tip of the building’s antenna to capture the last, highest view in the video, is known for his anonymous project called Urban Downfall, wherein he explores everything from rooftops to underground tunnels to old abandoned manors in search of clues into their pasts. Not only are his Facebook and Flickr pages filled with incredible HD photos of his adventures, he also sometimes adds in relevant archival images and information about the places he features, making his contemporary photos of the usually abandoned and worn down spaces even more impactful.

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